Aug 28, 2012

Alila Hotel

Shout out loud for holiday!!! I know everyone must be very excited due holiday of Hari Raya Idul Fitri is coming closer. Everybody especially Moslem people is going to their hometown, a place where they were born, to celebrate Hari Raya Idul Fitri with their siblings and family. So I and my family, in case to avoid traffic in everywhere, planned going to Jakarta. Just for you know, Jakarta is very friendly due this event. No more traffic, no more crowd of people, no more queuing in a long line, yeah…. until the holiday is over, Jakarta will go back as usual :( 

We were planning for some tour..  it’s not a tour to abroad to overseas, but tour Hotel to Hotel. There are 5 hotels in Jakarta which we were booked for spending our time of this holiday. The first hotel that we visited is Alila Hotel ,the rest of them is still a secret, it doesn’t matter if you knew it already. It’s located in Pecenongan street of Jakarta, the street that always been full because of the food seller on the roadside in every night. One thing that I know, this Hotel is very suitable for Western people. I know it because many Western people come and visit this hotel, and also from the architecture from the hotel which are simple and elegant. As a 5-Stars Hotel, they have a very warm welcome and good service, no wonder that I really enjoy this hotel so much.

Oh… I should tell you about their fitness center and swimming pool. They are really a comfortable place to work out your body. Yet their fitness center is famous already because some brands of Fitness nutrition in Indonesia took this place for their location of the photo shoot. And…. I also don’t wanna miss my own photo shoot in this location…. so I hired my sister for being my photographer… haha…

Yes, there's someone's back behind me :)

In the next morning, I and my sister had our breakfast in this hotel. Just take a look of the pictures.. Hmm, this also the end of the chapter of Alila Hotel, stay with me for the next upcoming issue… :)

The place that I and my sister took our breakfast, sorry forgot its name.

Appetizers, Dim Sum

Main course, Fried rice - fried glass noodle - broccoli - chicken


Croissant - Muffin

Desserts, Mango and Blueberry Yogurt

Sweet honey  :)

NB : Sorry some pictures too much noises.. 

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