Aug 11, 2012


Believe it or not, but I just watched the Battleship movie a couple days ago. Haha… You know, I’ve been so busy lately, and I don’t have time to get a chance to watch this amazing film. Although it was too late, but I wanna give Two Thumbs up for the movie. Since I was a kid, I realized that I have been interest in some kind of UFO, Alien, and Universe thing. I love browsing movie, video clip in Youtube, and search some articles which is related to them. And I really hope maybe someday I can see the real UFO and Alien live in front of my eyes. I wish…

Back to the movie… Yes, the movie is awesome, I mean all of the effects, the story, the character building, the 3D of the Battleship and the Alien aircraft. One thing that I don’t is about the Alien form from the movie, they are just like a human-being but in different form. It’s more cool if they create something which is more scary or unrealistic alien. Well, just my opinion, though I’m sure you guys love it already.

And I wanna say congratulation to Rihanna, for making me falling in love with you in this movie. She’s really brave, beautiful, cool, and I just felt that she is kinda hot and sexy. Haha… Well, at least we can see that Rihanna is really a multi-talented women.

After Battleship, I really looking forward for another movie like this, another Alien movie with fantastic effects, character and story, or maybe one day, I’m the one who created it. Wish and pray…

Cool wallpaper from Battleship

The Alien Aircraft is Wonderful, although it's too easy to be defeated

Rihanna, you are so hot and sexy in the movie

Another amazing Rihanna
Left to right : Raikes, Hopper, Nagata

Another poster of Battleship, very cool

NB : Pictures from google, and with a little 'make-up' from Photoshop :)

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