Sep 18, 2012

Manhattan Hotel

First, I want to apologize for making this post took out so long. I participated some events in my campus, and they made me very busy, but here I am talking about Manhattan Hotel. Hmm… actually the big part of this post more talking about the mall nearby the hotel. I'm sorry I forgot the name of the mall.

So like you guys know it, after I spend one night in Alila Hotel, the journey continues to Manhattan Hotel. Honestly, I prefer Alila to Manhattan, from the interior itself and the hotel service as well. But there is one thing in Manhattan Hotel that makes me surprised, the swimming pool, the concept is like Marina Bay swimming pool in Singapore. You can see clearly all the tall building around you right when you are swimming, and of course peoples who are in the building can see you when you are swimming as well.

Manhattan's swimming pool

But overall, I took much time in the mall nearby like I said before. The mall’s still new, so there’s only a few people came by. Most of the pictures, I took randomly everywhere, inside the market, and inside the mall. It’s also the end of the chapter of Manhattan Hotel, psst… there are still three more hotels coming right away… stay tune :)  

When I entered the mall, looked up, and... click

The mall, it's so quiet

Some beautiful painting inside the mall

Quote about tattoo

I got into the toilet, and seriously I wanna take a picture of it, it's so unique for me. Please don't laugh  :)

The market, Lotte Mart and the rules

Cute lego inside Lotte Mart

The Famous Kurma

Mpek-mpek, Indonesian food

Seriously, you should try the chicken, very deicious... I insist :)

Chowking's Signature Chicken

I also take a picture of me inside the mall, I know I should smiling, gonna fix it in other time  :)

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