Aug 11, 2012

The Trend of Rainbow Cake and Red Velvet

Nowaday, trend is not always about fashion or technology, but food can also becomes very popular trend, or we can say it’s already include in our lifestyle. Even sometimes the price of the food is not affordable, we still buy it for our prestige, for examples Rainbow cake and Red Velvet, they are like popular artist in cake-world in a few months ago. People started buying Rainbow cake and Red Velvet everywhere, yes, everywhere. I mean every cake stores provide Rainbow cake and Red Velvet now, even though some of them are not, like Breadtalk and Tous les Jours. They beat the popularity of the cakes that have been there first, such as Black Forest, Tiramisu cake, Cheese cake, Fruit cake, and many more. But no wonder, the Rainbow cake and Red Velvet attract our eyes with their beautiful colours, and the taste no less delicious.

Rainbow Cake

Red Velvet

Some stores even provide in different color, Blue Velvet

No less popular is Macaroon. This light and beautiful cake has tender and smooth filling, but crunchy outside. Same as Rainbow cake and Red Velvet, many cake stores provide Macaroon in various colours and tastes. The price is quite expensive, you can buy it about 9k – 10k IDR each.


Macaroon in various colours

It has sweet and beautiful color, isn't it?

So it makes me wonder after all, could they be really exist for a long time, or just a few months or years trend?

NB : Some pictures are mine, and some from google :)

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