Nov 20, 2012

Intercontinental Mid Plaza Hotel

I’m so miss to write something on my blog, and finally I get a chance to write the unfinished task which I'd promised to you about my journey in some hotels in Jakarta a very long time ago. You saw my post about Alila, and Manhattan Hotel already, so today I'm gonna write about the next hotel after them, the third hotel, and I’m sure you gotta love this. This hotel is not only amazing, but they also provide everything for us to get very comfortable. I love this hotel so much, I mean it, I went there once but it already made me fall in love with their awesome facilities, their food and many more. So, here it is… I give you the article about my journey at Intercontinental Mid Plaza Hotel...

First of all, I want to bring you to get a closer look to the architecture, and by seeing the color you already knew that it makes yourself homey.

Lobby floor

Corridor in front of my room
2nd floor
2nd floor

You'll see this awesome Apple-gadget-player in your room. I think it's already available in every rooms. Now you can turn your music on. :)

I'm not promoting Celine Dion btw

I also take some pictures in the spa, actually it's forbidden to take a camera inside, but forget it, how can you just stay calm without taking a pictures by looking at this beautiful spa? I could spend my 'me time' many hours in there. :)

The Spa

The locker room

A beautiful washing stand
The corridor inside the spa

I also took a picture of me inside the jacuzzi
Very relaxing

Okay, now you're seeing the swimming pool, it’s quite large and full of children as you can see in the picture. Yes, this family hotel is really awesome to spend your weekend after a busy day in your office, or only to run out from the traffic in the street.

The swimming pool

The hotel from the swimming pool

After from the outside, I walked at the corridor, and my eyes got a surprise by these delicious-looking snack, I don't know the name of the snack is. Just look at the picture below. 

For someone who curious about their breakfast, now here they are… and these are the pictures from some breakfast I took.

Place that we took our breakfast
Jam and honey


The menu

Indonesian food, Nasi Kuning

Peach-butter bread

From the outside, the queuing line quite long

At the night, my parent bought us dinner from Sate Khas Senayan. But two things that I really love are theirs Kangkung Terasi and Chicken Satay. Very-very recommended…

Sate Khas Senayan

Sate Buntal

Chicken Satay

Muton Satay

and finally we check out from the hotel....

Thank you Intercontinental Mid Plaza for giving us your best service, and I really enjoyed my stay in your hotel.