Aug 14, 2012

Kids Shoe

One day, I and my family went to one of the biggest mall in Jakarta, Orchid Park Mall, or you can say Mall Taman Anggrek in my mother language. Well, that day the mall is full of people, maybe because there was a big sale in every stores due the end of season was coming closer. They were running after one store to another, almost every one of them bought something in their hand. Yap, I know it was so hard to resist buying something when it was on a big sale. Not just for a mother or a girl, but sale is already like a Heaven for father and a boy too, including me, haha…, but I didn’t buy anything that day because it’s hard for me to focus on something that I want to buy if there were full of people, so I decided to window shopping only then.

After a couple of hours walking and walking from one store to another (without buying anything), finally my family entered one of the sport warehouse… don’t ask me, yes it was on sale…. They were busy looking for some t-shirt, sport accessories and other things, while I just went away and looked for a kid’s stuffs. And I looked at something which is really amazes me, Kids Shoe.

Kid Shoe with Sale on it

I picked one, put it on my hand. And I just wanna screammmmmingggg... It's CUTE... Yeah, I know that’s very embarrassing, haha… but well it's very small just like a doll shoe, it’s more like a toy instead of shoe.

It's cute.... I can't imagine I'm wearing one of these when I was a child  

Now, let’s take a look at my shoe right now, I mean they are really like a shoe, they are big, you know what I mean? Haha…

My Shoe right now. Num 42

But that’s not the point that I want to discuss..  When I looked at this Kid Shoe, suddenly I remember my childhood. Maybe, there are many peoples who don't miss their childhood, but I do.

I really miss my childhood, I miss when I still sticked playing with my SEGA and Nintendo, while at that time there is no Playstation. 

I miss when my father asked me to play chess with him and we all laugh together.

I miss when my mother took me to swimming lessons and she was there for me until I’m finished.

I miss when I tried to build my dream home with Lego with my brother and we were playing like there’s no tomorrow.

 I miss when I looked my sister painting something with her oil and canvas and put her paint in our living room.

Because they are gone now. Everything’s change and now only the memory still left, and honestly sometimes I just wanna go back to my childhood and forget all that I have now. I want to forget all of my exams, I don’t want to waste my time by doing a homework, I don’t have to drive my car by my own. Until finally I realized that’s not the real point.

The real point is I’m a teenager who gonna be a man. I have to survive to live, I can’t always stand up on others feet, I must raise my own money. I will marry my beautiful bride, and I’m gonna have a children maybe one or two. I’m gonna take my parents around the world, and I’m gonna take care of my parent when they are getting old. These are my real dreams, and the reasons why I live in this world.

So back again to small-and-big-shoe-thing, whenever I looked at the kid’s shoe, I realized that time flies so fast, it can’t come back, even a second ago. It is so precious, but it’s gone unpredictable and unexpected. In the end, I don’t want to waste time again at the rest of my time, at the rest of my life, only thinking for my own happiness. All I want is, to spend my time by doing everything to make my dreams come true, even to sacrifice myself, in this case to make my parents proud of me for being their son.

NB : Sorry for this crazy long post. I hope you understand what’s the point of small shoe, big shoe, and the matter of our real-time in our real world.   

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