Aug 28, 2012

Alila Hotel

Shout out loud for holiday!!! I know everyone must be very excited due holiday of Hari Raya Idul Fitri is coming closer. Everybody especially Moslem people is going to their hometown, a place where they were born, to celebrate Hari Raya Idul Fitri with their siblings and family. So I and my family, in case to avoid traffic in everywhere, planned going to Jakarta. Just for you know, Jakarta is very friendly due this event. No more traffic, no more crowd of people, no more queuing in a long line, yeah…. until the holiday is over, Jakarta will go back as usual :( 

We were planning for some tour..  it’s not a tour to abroad to overseas, but tour Hotel to Hotel. There are 5 hotels in Jakarta which we were booked for spending our time of this holiday. The first hotel that we visited is Alila Hotel ,the rest of them is still a secret, it doesn’t matter if you knew it already. It’s located in Pecenongan street of Jakarta, the street that always been full because of the food seller on the roadside in every night. One thing that I know, this Hotel is very suitable for Western people. I know it because many Western people come and visit this hotel, and also from the architecture from the hotel which are simple and elegant. As a 5-Stars Hotel, they have a very warm welcome and good service, no wonder that I really enjoy this hotel so much.

Oh… I should tell you about their fitness center and swimming pool. They are really a comfortable place to work out your body. Yet their fitness center is famous already because some brands of Fitness nutrition in Indonesia took this place for their location of the photo shoot. And…. I also don’t wanna miss my own photo shoot in this location…. so I hired my sister for being my photographer… haha…

Yes, there's someone's back behind me :)

In the next morning, I and my sister had our breakfast in this hotel. Just take a look of the pictures.. Hmm, this also the end of the chapter of Alila Hotel, stay with me for the next upcoming issue… :)

The place that I and my sister took our breakfast, sorry forgot its name.

Appetizers, Dim Sum

Main course, Fried rice - fried glass noodle - broccoli - chicken


Croissant - Muffin

Desserts, Mango and Blueberry Yogurt

Sweet honey  :)

NB : Sorry some pictures too much noises.. 

Aug 14, 2012

Kids Shoe

One day, I and my family went to one of the biggest mall in Jakarta, Orchid Park Mall, or you can say Mall Taman Anggrek in my mother language. Well, that day the mall is full of people, maybe because there was a big sale in every stores due the end of season was coming closer. They were running after one store to another, almost every one of them bought something in their hand. Yap, I know it was so hard to resist buying something when it was on a big sale. Not just for a mother or a girl, but sale is already like a Heaven for father and a boy too, including me, haha…, but I didn’t buy anything that day because it’s hard for me to focus on something that I want to buy if there were full of people, so I decided to window shopping only then.

After a couple of hours walking and walking from one store to another (without buying anything), finally my family entered one of the sport warehouse… don’t ask me, yes it was on sale…. They were busy looking for some t-shirt, sport accessories and other things, while I just went away and looked for a kid’s stuffs. And I looked at something which is really amazes me, Kids Shoe.

Kid Shoe with Sale on it

I picked one, put it on my hand. And I just wanna screammmmmingggg... It's CUTE... Yeah, I know that’s very embarrassing, haha… but well it's very small just like a doll shoe, it’s more like a toy instead of shoe.

It's cute.... I can't imagine I'm wearing one of these when I was a child  

Now, let’s take a look at my shoe right now, I mean they are really like a shoe, they are big, you know what I mean? Haha…

My Shoe right now. Num 42

But that’s not the point that I want to discuss..  When I looked at this Kid Shoe, suddenly I remember my childhood. Maybe, there are many peoples who don't miss their childhood, but I do.

I really miss my childhood, I miss when I still sticked playing with my SEGA and Nintendo, while at that time there is no Playstation. 

I miss when my father asked me to play chess with him and we all laugh together.

I miss when my mother took me to swimming lessons and she was there for me until I’m finished.

I miss when I tried to build my dream home with Lego with my brother and we were playing like there’s no tomorrow.

 I miss when I looked my sister painting something with her oil and canvas and put her paint in our living room.

Because they are gone now. Everything’s change and now only the memory still left, and honestly sometimes I just wanna go back to my childhood and forget all that I have now. I want to forget all of my exams, I don’t want to waste my time by doing a homework, I don’t have to drive my car by my own. Until finally I realized that’s not the real point.

The real point is I’m a teenager who gonna be a man. I have to survive to live, I can’t always stand up on others feet, I must raise my own money. I will marry my beautiful bride, and I’m gonna have a children maybe one or two. I’m gonna take my parents around the world, and I’m gonna take care of my parent when they are getting old. These are my real dreams, and the reasons why I live in this world.

So back again to small-and-big-shoe-thing, whenever I looked at the kid’s shoe, I realized that time flies so fast, it can’t come back, even a second ago. It is so precious, but it’s gone unpredictable and unexpected. In the end, I don’t want to waste time again at the rest of my time, at the rest of my life, only thinking for my own happiness. All I want is, to spend my time by doing everything to make my dreams come true, even to sacrifice myself, in this case to make my parents proud of me for being their son.

NB : Sorry for this crazy long post. I hope you understand what’s the point of small shoe, big shoe, and the matter of our real-time in our real world.   

Aug 13, 2012


Today, I’m gonna share something to you, it’s about chocolate, everybody likes it right? Well, actually I’m not going post anything today, you know, I got a bad luck, I failed to get some classes I’d already managed, but just forget it. I just don’t want to stay forever in sadness, you know what I mean? Oh yeah, maybe this chocolate post could be the perfect post to cures my illness… haha… You know, when you eat some chocolates, it can relieves your illness, stress and pressure in your head, like I have right now. The post that I’m gonna do for you is about Ferrero Chocolate.

It was about a month ago, that my brother was having a trip to China, and before he left, he transited to Hongkong first, and ta-daa… He bought us the Ferrero Chocolate in the airport, and maybe some of you were thinking, why he bought a chocolate as a souvenir not another things? The reason is my family love chocolate, so much.. haha… We are really-really maniac (I dunno if maniac is a perfect word to describe our feeling, haha just forget it...). And maybe the second reason, when you eat chocolate from another country, you will enjoy it in your mouth till the last bite, it’s so much different if you bought only clothes or perfumes. But too bad, it’s gone already, I’d eaten a lot of them. Only the pictures still remain…

Ferrero arrival

Too bad, only 24 of them

Closer look of Ferrero packaging

After taking series of photos, this is it finally, Ferrero

I don’t know which comes first, but in Indonesia you can see it in another brand, Roka Chocolate. Not very exactly same, but it looks like a Ferrero Chocolate, from the shape even the packaging. But still Ferrero Chocolate is much better than Roka Chocolate, please no hurt feeling… haha… 

Indonesian version of Ferrero, Roka

And still, the stress doesn't get out from my head, it seems that I'm gonna buy a Cadbury though

NB : pictures are mine, except the Roka from google.

Aug 11, 2012

The Trend of Rainbow Cake and Red Velvet

Nowaday, trend is not always about fashion or technology, but food can also becomes very popular trend, or we can say it’s already include in our lifestyle. Even sometimes the price of the food is not affordable, we still buy it for our prestige, for examples Rainbow cake and Red Velvet, they are like popular artist in cake-world in a few months ago. People started buying Rainbow cake and Red Velvet everywhere, yes, everywhere. I mean every cake stores provide Rainbow cake and Red Velvet now, even though some of them are not, like Breadtalk and Tous les Jours. They beat the popularity of the cakes that have been there first, such as Black Forest, Tiramisu cake, Cheese cake, Fruit cake, and many more. But no wonder, the Rainbow cake and Red Velvet attract our eyes with their beautiful colours, and the taste no less delicious.

Rainbow Cake

Red Velvet

Some stores even provide in different color, Blue Velvet

No less popular is Macaroon. This light and beautiful cake has tender and smooth filling, but crunchy outside. Same as Rainbow cake and Red Velvet, many cake stores provide Macaroon in various colours and tastes. The price is quite expensive, you can buy it about 9k – 10k IDR each.


Macaroon in various colours

It has sweet and beautiful color, isn't it?

So it makes me wonder after all, could they be really exist for a long time, or just a few months or years trend?

NB : Some pictures are mine, and some from google :)


Believe it or not, but I just watched the Battleship movie a couple days ago. Haha… You know, I’ve been so busy lately, and I don’t have time to get a chance to watch this amazing film. Although it was too late, but I wanna give Two Thumbs up for the movie. Since I was a kid, I realized that I have been interest in some kind of UFO, Alien, and Universe thing. I love browsing movie, video clip in Youtube, and search some articles which is related to them. And I really hope maybe someday I can see the real UFO and Alien live in front of my eyes. I wish…

Back to the movie… Yes, the movie is awesome, I mean all of the effects, the story, the character building, the 3D of the Battleship and the Alien aircraft. One thing that I don’t is about the Alien form from the movie, they are just like a human-being but in different form. It’s more cool if they create something which is more scary or unrealistic alien. Well, just my opinion, though I’m sure you guys love it already.

And I wanna say congratulation to Rihanna, for making me falling in love with you in this movie. She’s really brave, beautiful, cool, and I just felt that she is kinda hot and sexy. Haha… Well, at least we can see that Rihanna is really a multi-talented women.

After Battleship, I really looking forward for another movie like this, another Alien movie with fantastic effects, character and story, or maybe one day, I’m the one who created it. Wish and pray…

Cool wallpaper from Battleship

The Alien Aircraft is Wonderful, although it's too easy to be defeated

Rihanna, you are so hot and sexy in the movie

Another amazing Rihanna
Left to right : Raikes, Hopper, Nagata

Another poster of Battleship, very cool

NB : Pictures from google, and with a little 'make-up' from Photoshop :)

Aug 10, 2012


Dinner maybe the most important meal time for me instead of breakfast. Yap, you won’t know when your stomach going to roar, will you? I usually go to bed at 11-12 p.m, so at least I go somewhere searching for my dinner around 8 p.m (although, I know for some people dinner at 8 p.m is too late for kind of dinner). Back to why dinner is important, I don’t know why, but I just can’t refrain myself to eat when it comes for dinner, or maybe it’s because I usually work out in gym to burn my calories, and after that dinner is like thing that I must do for regaining my calories again. But it’s different when it’s breakfast, I just can hold my stomach a little longer until the lunch time comes.

So last night like always, I go out and drive my car. After 20 minutes, I still haven’t decided what my dinner is. My mind told me, that I just want to try something different, something that I never try before. And finally I found something which is really-really interesting, MURTABAK or in Indonesia you know this as Martabak. I told ya this Martabak is super delicious, you should try it sometimes. If you still curious what Murtabak is, you can click in this link

The Modern-style Martabak
So this is it, the menu with authentic old-photo looks like. You see, there are so many variation of the Martabak. I suggest you pick the Modern-style Martabak. But if you’re looking for the Old-style, they provide it as well.

And The Old-style one.
I sat on their sofa, and asked what’s the most favourite Martabak they have. And they said I should try Choco Baileys. And OMG the Choco Baileys taste like Heaven is already in my mouth. I'm not gonna spoil anything why I say Choco Baileys is great, because I think you should try by yourself.

And The Choco Baileys is. Super worth to try. =D

NB : You can see the address at the first photo. Leave comment if you already try this :) , sorry for the grammar mistaken

(NOT) The First Time

Well, I guess I will start to say hello to all of you guys. It’s really my pleasure to have you all reading my blog. Actually, this blog is the second blog I’d made, I deleted the first one due the most language I usually use. You know my first blog almost 80% of it using Indonesian language, and I started to thinking that If I want to be a professional Blogger, the first thing I should do is writing in English, reading in English, speaking in English, and so on. Although, I know my English isn’t good. But a lot of practices will make it’s perfect, right? Instead of language problem, my first blog have no purpose, I mean the post I'd written only for fun, and I try to fix this in my second blog, try to be more professional. Hope it will much better. :)

So you must been wondering, what is my blog about? Unlike the first one, this time I try to focus in these 2F + 2M + 1P =  FoodFashionMusicMovie, and Photography. But you don’t have to worry, I will still write a little diary of my life… haha…

For people out there who still don’t know me ;p .I would like to introduce myself first. I’m Felix Flobert Jeremiah, and you can call me Felix. I live in Indonesia, and I’m so proud to be an Indonesian (the food and the people here is just awesome). Speaking of a food, I eat a lot, I drink a lot and I’m very ferocious-omnivorous. And if you want to know what is my favourite food and drink, they are Pasta and Mineral water. I spent my childhood in Bogor, a city located near Jakarta for almost 17 years!!! I went to school in Regina Pacis and Marsudirini Bogor, and probably are the best moment I ever had. I mean, I met a lot of new friends, I got a very wonderful experiences and like you all knew the atmosphere in Junior High School and Senior High School is so unforgettable. I continue my university life in my lovely campus, Universitas Multimedia Nusantara, Serpong. You know, when you live in a city for a long time like I live in Bogor for 17 years and you have to moving to a new place, you must have been very excited, right? And yes I was very very excited. Serpong is like already my second home, or I can say I’m pretty well-adapt. If I have three words to describe myself, maybe SociableFriendly, and Cheerful fit me best. Yes, I’m very love making a new friend, companion, partner, and family. And because you, loyal readers, I will keep writing in this blog until forever. Hmm… I think that’s enough for my introduction, if you still have some more questions, you can send directly to my email :  or you can add my facebook and twitter too : Felix Flobert Jeremiah , @felixfloberj

Once again, I would like to thank you, people who come, visit, and read all of my story.
“It’s not complete an author without a reader. And because I have you my life is so wonderful”.

NB : Sorry for the grammar mistaken :)