Aug 13, 2012


Today, I’m gonna share something to you, it’s about chocolate, everybody likes it right? Well, actually I’m not going post anything today, you know, I got a bad luck, I failed to get some classes I’d already managed, but just forget it. I just don’t want to stay forever in sadness, you know what I mean? Oh yeah, maybe this chocolate post could be the perfect post to cures my illness… haha… You know, when you eat some chocolates, it can relieves your illness, stress and pressure in your head, like I have right now. The post that I’m gonna do for you is about Ferrero Chocolate.

It was about a month ago, that my brother was having a trip to China, and before he left, he transited to Hongkong first, and ta-daa… He bought us the Ferrero Chocolate in the airport, and maybe some of you were thinking, why he bought a chocolate as a souvenir not another things? The reason is my family love chocolate, so much.. haha… We are really-really maniac (I dunno if maniac is a perfect word to describe our feeling, haha just forget it...). And maybe the second reason, when you eat chocolate from another country, you will enjoy it in your mouth till the last bite, it’s so much different if you bought only clothes or perfumes. But too bad, it’s gone already, I’d eaten a lot of them. Only the pictures still remain…

Ferrero arrival

Too bad, only 24 of them

Closer look of Ferrero packaging

After taking series of photos, this is it finally, Ferrero

I don’t know which comes first, but in Indonesia you can see it in another brand, Roka Chocolate. Not very exactly same, but it looks like a Ferrero Chocolate, from the shape even the packaging. But still Ferrero Chocolate is much better than Roka Chocolate, please no hurt feeling… haha… 

Indonesian version of Ferrero, Roka

And still, the stress doesn't get out from my head, it seems that I'm gonna buy a Cadbury though

NB : pictures are mine, except the Roka from google.

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