Aug 10, 2012

(NOT) The First Time

Well, I guess I will start to say hello to all of you guys. It’s really my pleasure to have you all reading my blog. Actually, this blog is the second blog I’d made, I deleted the first one due the most language I usually use. You know my first blog almost 80% of it using Indonesian language, and I started to thinking that If I want to be a professional Blogger, the first thing I should do is writing in English, reading in English, speaking in English, and so on. Although, I know my English isn’t good. But a lot of practices will make it’s perfect, right? Instead of language problem, my first blog have no purpose, I mean the post I'd written only for fun, and I try to fix this in my second blog, try to be more professional. Hope it will much better. :)

So you must been wondering, what is my blog about? Unlike the first one, this time I try to focus in these 2F + 2M + 1P =  FoodFashionMusicMovie, and Photography. But you don’t have to worry, I will still write a little diary of my life… haha…

For people out there who still don’t know me ;p .I would like to introduce myself first. I’m Felix Flobert Jeremiah, and you can call me Felix. I live in Indonesia, and I’m so proud to be an Indonesian (the food and the people here is just awesome). Speaking of a food, I eat a lot, I drink a lot and I’m very ferocious-omnivorous. And if you want to know what is my favourite food and drink, they are Pasta and Mineral water. I spent my childhood in Bogor, a city located near Jakarta for almost 17 years!!! I went to school in Regina Pacis and Marsudirini Bogor, and probably are the best moment I ever had. I mean, I met a lot of new friends, I got a very wonderful experiences and like you all knew the atmosphere in Junior High School and Senior High School is so unforgettable. I continue my university life in my lovely campus, Universitas Multimedia Nusantara, Serpong. You know, when you live in a city for a long time like I live in Bogor for 17 years and you have to moving to a new place, you must have been very excited, right? And yes I was very very excited. Serpong is like already my second home, or I can say I’m pretty well-adapt. If I have three words to describe myself, maybe SociableFriendly, and Cheerful fit me best. Yes, I’m very love making a new friend, companion, partner, and family. And because you, loyal readers, I will keep writing in this blog until forever. Hmm… I think that’s enough for my introduction, if you still have some more questions, you can send directly to my email :  or you can add my facebook and twitter too : Felix Flobert Jeremiah , @felixfloberj

Once again, I would like to thank you, people who come, visit, and read all of my story.
“It’s not complete an author without a reader. And because I have you my life is so wonderful”.

NB : Sorry for the grammar mistaken :)