Aug 10, 2012


Dinner maybe the most important meal time for me instead of breakfast. Yap, you won’t know when your stomach going to roar, will you? I usually go to bed at 11-12 p.m, so at least I go somewhere searching for my dinner around 8 p.m (although, I know for some people dinner at 8 p.m is too late for kind of dinner). Back to why dinner is important, I don’t know why, but I just can’t refrain myself to eat when it comes for dinner, or maybe it’s because I usually work out in gym to burn my calories, and after that dinner is like thing that I must do for regaining my calories again. But it’s different when it’s breakfast, I just can hold my stomach a little longer until the lunch time comes.

So last night like always, I go out and drive my car. After 20 minutes, I still haven’t decided what my dinner is. My mind told me, that I just want to try something different, something that I never try before. And finally I found something which is really-really interesting, MURTABAK or in Indonesia you know this as Martabak. I told ya this Martabak is super delicious, you should try it sometimes. If you still curious what Murtabak is, you can click in this link

The Modern-style Martabak
So this is it, the menu with authentic old-photo looks like. You see, there are so many variation of the Martabak. I suggest you pick the Modern-style Martabak. But if you’re looking for the Old-style, they provide it as well.

And The Old-style one.
I sat on their sofa, and asked what’s the most favourite Martabak they have. And they said I should try Choco Baileys. And OMG the Choco Baileys taste like Heaven is already in my mouth. I'm not gonna spoil anything why I say Choco Baileys is great, because I think you should try by yourself.

And The Choco Baileys is. Super worth to try. =D

NB : You can see the address at the first photo. Leave comment if you already try this :) , sorry for the grammar mistaken